Omega-3 fats have a variety of health benefits related to their anti-inflammatory properties. The omega-3 fats come in three main forms: DHA, EPA, and ALA.

ALA is found in certain nuts, seeds, and pastured animal foods like grass-fed beef and dairy where EPA and DHA are found in fatty fish like salmon and mackerel. Most omega 3 benefits have been found in EPA and DHA so you will want to focus more on consuming those omega 3 foods.

The health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids are immense and they have been proven effective in the treatment and prevention of hundreds of medical conditions.


  • EPA & DHA support normal heart function*

  • DHA supports the maintenance of normal vision*

  • DHA supports normal brain function*

  • shown to support weight loss, healthy pregnancy, athletic recovery and thickening hair and nails

*The beneficial effects are obtained with a daily intake of 250mg EPA & DHA